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Philip Morris Cyprus opens its new flagship offices in Nicosia, advocating for a smoke-free Cyprus

At its new offices in Nicosia, Philip Morris unveils its vision for a cigarette-free future in Cyprus and beyond.


Philip Morris Cyprus has set an ambitious goal to make Cyprus the first smoke-free country in Europe, as announced by the company's General Manager Mr. Stavros Dracularakos at an event celebrating the opening of its new offices in Nicosia.

Promoting the company's philosophy, "For every tomorrow we decide today", Mr. Dracularakos presented the commitment of Philip Morris Cyprus to accelerate efforts in transitioning the island to a cigarette-free future. He stressed that Cyprus has the potential to lead this transition and become the first European country to achieve this milestone.

"We have already made significant progress, with more than 55,000 Cypriots having made the transition to better alternatives to cigarettes," Mr. Dracularakos said. This success is reflected in Philip Morris Cyprus' financial results, with revenue from new tobacco products now exceeding 70% of its total sales in the country.

The event was attended by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Christodoulides, who praised the company's work both in Cyprus and globally for a world free of cigarettes.

CEO of Papastratos (a subsidiary of Philip Morris International in Greece), Mr. Giorgos Margonis, highlighted PMI's $12.5 billion investment, research centers in Switzerland and Singapore, and the efforts of 1,586 scientists, engineers and technicians in leading the transformation of the tobacco industry towards a cigarette-free future.

Despite existing challenges such as illicit trade in cigarettes, access to cigarettes by minors, and lack of proper information based on scientific evidence, Philip Morris Cyprus remains committed to supporting strict legislation and control of sales to young people while properly informing the public.

Through science, technology, and the support of the state, society and the private sector, Philip Morris Cyprus' vision of a cigarette-free Cyprus is becoming a reality

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