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Police are warning citizens over fraudulent calls from abroad

Scaring citizens into providing personal data

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

Police are warning the public about fraudulent phone calls made to citizens that originate from outside the country but use local Cyprus telephone numbers.

The Cyprus Cybercrime unit has been receiving complaints from citizens saying that they are receiving calls that appear to be from a source in Cyprus.  When answered, the person, through a recording, is told the following in English: "This is the National Police. This is to let you know that illegal activity has been reported in connection with your identity. An international arrest warrant has been issued for your arrest. For more information press 1".

If and when information requested during the call is entered through the phone, the scammer can access personal data and bank accounts.

It is believed that the phone calls are made from abroad and use non-existent telephone numbers that are similar to local ones in place of a name.

The police are urging citizens to be on their guard when receiving phone calls from unknown callers and to refrain from communicating personal data, especially bank account details, over the phone.

The investigation is ongoing.


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