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Nicosia police trying to solve nasty street fight

Five Syrians facing multiple charges in Saturday night’s Kaimakli brawl


Two suspects have been released while three others remain in custody in connection with last weekend’s brawl in Kaimakli, when police officers were called to break off a fight.

The incident took place on Saturday night in Kaimakli, east Nicosia, near the Vorio Polo area, with reports saying a group of Syrian nationals got into a fight with Greek Cypriot men.

Unconfirmed media reports said a nasty street fight erupted following an incident involving someone honking at a car

Police did not share details about the case but unconfirmed media reports said a nasty street fight erupted following an incident involving someone honking at a car.

Law enforcement agents were called to the scene where they arrested three Syrians aged 28, 20, and 19, while a Greek Cypriot male was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital with knife injuries on his hands.

The injured man, who received stitches on both hands, was said to be out of danger but was not subsequently released from hospital. Police told Knews his condition was being monitored but maintained the patient was not being detained.

On Monday, two more Syrian males aged 27 and 18 were arrested but they were released on Tuesday, with police saying they were still pressing charges against them.

All five suspects were arrested on multiple charges, including felony conspiracy and misdemeanor charges, assault, knife possession, and public disorderly conduct. But police did not specify who was being charged with knife possession or whether the person armed with a knife was among those detained.

On Sunday, a Nicosia judge ordered the three initial suspects in remanded custody for five days. Police did not clarify the charges for each suspect, telling Knews they were still investigating the case.

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