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Police urge caution after 32 businesses booked

The long weekend saw 32 food and drink businesses fined for violating coronavirus decrees after police conducted almost two thousand checks


After 32 food and drink spots were fined for violating health and safety protocols over the long weekend, police on Tuesday urged caution, highlighting that bars and restaurants are obliged to fully comply with the Health Ministry’s latest decree governing their operation.

Over the past three days, police conducted 1,934 inspections at food and drink spots to check whether the rules set out by the Health Ministry are being followed, leading to 32 businesses booked for violations.

Police issued a reminder for both businesses and the public, reiterating that a Health Ministry decree clearly states that food and drink businesses must ensure their customers are seated at tables, with safe distances maintained between each table, and that customers are deterred from crowding.

Businesses that also include a bar seating area are not allowed to serve customers there, the police announcement said, adding that bar areas can only be used for the preparation of food or drinks.

Further, children’s playareas in indoor spaces of food and drink businesses must remain inaccessible to the public, the police said.

It added that Tuesday marked the resumption of the operation of malls, department stores, while food and drink spots were able to accept customers in indoor spaces.

The police stressed that as further relaxations come into force, its inspections will grow in intensity to ensure that coronavirus decrees are enforced.

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