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Positive coronavirus case found to have over 65 close contacts

The Health Ministry expressed strong concern over increasingly irresponsible behaviour mostly among younger groups, with positive cases being found with dozens of close contacts


The Health Ministry on Wednesday expressed strong concern over positive coronavirus cases who turn out to have dozens of close contacts, facilitating the rampant spread of the virus and making contact tracing efforts difficult.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, in one case, a positive coronavirus case was found to have over 65 close contacts, while another had over 20 close contacts, including people in their work environment.

The Health Ministry also raised the alarm regarding people who develop symptoms but still fail to self-isolate until they receive their coronavirus test results, further spreading the virus.

According to health officials, such irresponsible behaviour is mostly being observed among younger groups, while most new such cases were detected after parties were organized and attended by youngsters.

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