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Cyprus announces one coronavirus death, 25 new cases

Cyprus' new coronavirus fatality involved a 77-year-old who suffered from underlying conditions, but who ultimately died as a result of his Covid-19 infection


The Cyprus Health Ministry on Tuesday announced 25 new coronavirus cases and one death, involving a 77-year-old who suffered from underlying health conditions but who ultimately died as a result of his coronavirus infection.

The new coronavirus fatality raised total deaths in the Republic of Cyprus to 27, though only 20 of those deaths, involving 14 men and six women of an average age of 71, were fully attributed to coronavirus.

Regarding the 25 new coronavirus cases announced Tuesday, 13 were contacts of other known cases.

An additional six involved people who took the initiative to get tested, with one having a history of travel to Thessaloniki.

Another new positive case developed symptoms and was referred for testing by their GP.

Three more were detected at Cyprus airports, with one involving an arrival from Athens on Monday, and two involving arrivals from Thessaloniki, also on Monday.

The remaining two new cases were detected in the framework of the program testing 10,000 employees. Both are asymptomatic.

The 25 new cases raised total cases detected in the Republic of Cyprus so far to 1,277. The Famagusta General Hospital is currently treating five coronavirus patients.

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