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Postal workers strike over burnout and job insecurity

300 members of Postal Distributors launched a strike today


In a decisive move, 300 members of the Branch Council of Postal Distributors, part of the Pancyprian union "Equality," launched a strike today, set to last until Friday. The catalyst for this action revolves around persistent issues affecting postal distributors, notably the contentious matter of increasing overtime hours.

Antonis Panagi, President of the Branch Council, revealed to the Cyprus News Agency that the gradual uptick in overtime demands, specifically for the second postal delivery, has significantly contributed to burnout and heightened job insecurity among the dedicated staff.

Highlighting a series of challenges faced by the Branch, Panagi stressed that members have unanimously decided to cease overtime work indefinitely, starting from January 2, 2024. This announcement unfolded during a protest at the entrance to Nicosia (Kalispera lights), where low-paid public sector workers voiced their concerns.

Panagi expressed frustration, citing attempts to communicate with the General Directorate of Cyprus Postal Services through letters in June and November 2023, seeking resolutions to the sector's mounting problems. Lamenting the lack of response, he emphasized the necessity for dialogue and problem-solving.

Among the persisting issues, Panagi pointed out alarming statistics from the Road Transport Department, revealing a concerning 11% annual accident rate among postal distributors. The demands for an unhealthy work allowance stem from these risky conditions, compounded by a 100% increase in cars on the roads from 2012 to 2023.

The president also underscored the escalating risk during peak hours, which have doubled from 4 to 8 hours since 2012. Weather conditions further exacerbate concerns, with postal workers enduring heat waves and excessive dust, prompting Panagi to advocate for an unhealthy work allowance.

Simultaneously, a separate protest unfolded in Nicosia, where low-paid workers from the "Equality" guild gathered to address the expedited promotion of lower-paid employees within the public and wider public sector. The demonstration, held between 09:00 and 10:00, added another layer to the ongoing concerns about workers' rights and fair treatment.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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