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German Ambassador highlights Cyprus' vital role in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Anke Schlimm urges swift humanitarian action in Gaza

Newsroom / CNA

In a recent interview with the Cyprus News Agency, German Ambassador to Cyprus Anke Schlimm emphasized the urgent need to avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. She stressed that Cyprus could play a pivotal role in facilitating humanitarian aid to the region. The ambassador welcomed Cyprus' proposal for a maritime humanitarian corridor, but for immediate relief, she recommended prioritizing the land route via Egypt.

Schlimm expressed Germany's gratitude for Cyprus hosting a German military and civilian crisis team, preparing for potential evacuations of German nationals. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is also planning to visit Cyprus soon, marking the 20th anniversary of the country's EU accession.

On the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, Schlimm reiterated Germany's solidarity with Israel's right to self-defense. She emphasized that the focus should be on countering Hamas as a terrorist organization, not targeting the Palestinian people. Germany has pledged over 130 million Euros for Gaza's humanitarian aid, making it a significant donor in the region.

The ambassador underscored the importance of preparing for the "day after" the conflict, emphasizing the need for protection and security for Palestinians. She urged a resumption of meaningful peace talks, leading to a two-state solution.

Regarding the ongoing Cyprus issue, Schlimm welcomed the appointment of a UN envoy to explore the resumption of settlement talks. She highlighted Germany's commitment to EU solidarity with Cyprus and emphasized the need for a comprehensive settlement in line with UN resolutions.

On bilateral defense cooperation, Schlimm mentioned the Joint Declaration of Intent signed in November 2023 as a significant step. She noted Germany's approval for the delivery of 12 helicopters to Cyprus and highlighted potential cooperation in training.

The ambassador also acknowledged the progress in the processing of German defense exports to Cyprus, citing the country's privileged treatment as an EU member state.

The interview concluded with anticipation for President Steinmeier's official visit to Cyprus in early 2024, marking a historic milestone in bilateral relations.

See the full interview below:

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