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Cyprus welcomes historic visit from Iraqi president

President Nicos Christodoulides hosts first-ever visit, strengthening bilateral ties and regional cooperation


In a historic meeting at the Presidential Palace, President Nicos Christodoulides of the Republic of Cyprus welcomed President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid of Iraq, who is on an official visit to Cyprus.

The visit commenced with an official welcoming ceremony, featuring a military procession and the playing of the National Anthems of both Cyprus and Iraq. President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid paid his respects by laying a wreath at the statue of the National Lord Makarios III.

Following the ceremonial proceedings, the two Presidents engaged in a meeting where they discussed various aspects of bilateral relations. President Christodoulides expressed his appreciation for the historic nature of the visit, marking the first time a President of Iraq has visited Cyprus.

Among the topics on the agenda were discussions on bilateral relations, encompassing economic matters, investment, security, and anti-terrorism measures. Both leaders highlighted the importance of cooperation in international forums.

President Christodoulides, acknowledging Cyprus as an EU member state in the region, emphasized the country's commitment to enhancing the European Union's relations with Iraq. He commended President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid's visit as a testament to the commitment to strengthening cooperation between the two nations.

In response, President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid expressed Iraq's positive state of security and stability, highlighting the strengthening of relations with other nations. He emphasized the common cultural ties and shared interests between Iraq and Cyprus.

The meeting concluded with an invitation from the Iraqi President for President Christodoulides to visit Baghdad, an invitation that was graciously accepted. The leaders expressed optimism about the prospects of increased collaboration between their countries.

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