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Controversy erupts as schools implement voucher scanning systems for needy students

Concerns arise over privacy, smartphone requirements, and child targeting, prompting an investigation by the Ministry of Education


The decision by certain schools to install systems for scanning vouchers of needy students, enabling them to receive their food, has sparked strong reactions.

Speaking to K, Loizos Constantinou, the President of the Confederation of Secondary Education Parents, expressed that this development appears to be an initiative taken by some management teams, as the Ministry never issued such an instruction.

Indeed, based on the information available to the Confederation, approximately one-third of secondary schools seem to have implemented the system.

Constantinou highlighted three significant issues. The first concerns the handling of personal data, the second involves the imposition of smartphone ownership on students, and the third pertains to the potential targeting of children.

It is worth noting that sources from the Ministry of Education informed K that the matter is currently under investigation.

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