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Parents express concerns over primary school textbook's inclusion of pornographic website

Call for urgent action as Nicosia Federation of Primary Education Parents seeks resolution


Parents of young students were shocked to discover that a primary school textbook contained a reference to a pornographic website featuring bestiality. Parents are expressing great concern about this issue.

The website,, is listed on page 55 of the Pomegranate and Rhodani language book for fifth-grade students.

It is important to note that the website is only present in the printed version of the book and not in the online version.


According to a report by Sigma Live, Frixos Zebylas, the president of the Nicosia Federation of Primary Education Parents, is meeting with the Minister of Education next week to address the problem.

Zebylas suggests three solutions, including teachers taking action and students deleting the report. Secondly, do not access the website from the school's internet. If possible, take action to have the provider eliminate the website.

Mr. Zebylas was informed by four to ten parents that the issue came to their attention two days ago, possibly by scrubbing the book and finding the specific material.

He notes, "We have brought the matter to the attention of the Ministry of Education and hopefully they will act promptly."

The book has been distributed to students in schools all over the country.

[Source: Sigma Live]


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