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Aspirin and Vitamin D may now be available under GESY

Proposed changes to government health insurance include access to more medicines


The Health Insurance Organisation (OAY) has suggested adding two more non-prescription medicines (NPSFs) to the General Health Insurance Scheme (GESY).

According to a report from PhileNews, they are also considering moving some non-prescription medicines from government to local pharmacies, making them more accessible to specific groups of patients.

The plan includes:

1. Allowing private pharmacies to provide certain over-the-counter drugs, like vitamins, instead of only government pharmacies.
2. Adding aspirin and vitamin D to GESY, available at local pharmacies for specific health conditions and patient groups.

The OAY has proposed extra funds for these changes to the GESY pharmacy budget, with room for negotiation. Pharmacists are asked to share their suggestions in writing.

The Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association is reviewing the proposal and preparing a response. While pharmacists haven't made their stance clear on the funds, there are concerns about potential concessions with the change.

The Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association might ask for more money for GESY pharmacies beyond what the OAY proposed. Currently, the financial difference doesn't seem to be causing conflicts, but this might change during negotiations.

[With information from PhileNews]

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