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13-year-old victim of school assault injured

Violent incident shakes school in Nicosia


In a disturbing incident last week at a Nicosia district high school, a group of students reportedly lifted and threw a 13-year-old boy, leaving him with a broken shoulder blade.

The President of the Confederation of Secondary Education Parents, Loizos Constantinou, revealed the details, highlighting the need for swift action.

The incident occurred during recess, prompting the dispatch of an ambulance. Tests confirmed the severity of the injury, leading to concerns about the safety of students during school hours.

The Secondary Education Directorate was promptly informed, initiating an investigation into the troubling event.

Constantinou emphasized that the group responsible for the assault had a history of delinquent behavior, raising questions about school disciplinary measures.

While no formal complaint has been filed with the police, the Secondary Education Director visited the school to request an incident report.

Addressing the issue, a meeting is scheduled with the Ministry of Education to discuss the appropriate response and preventive measures.

The 13-year-old victim, who reported being bullied, will continue his studies while recovering, shedding light on the broader issue of schoolyard violence that demands urgent attention.

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