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Cabinet announces streamlined school enrollments and support for parochial education

Education Minister reveals key decisions benefitting students and expatriate communities


The Education Minister, Athena Michaelidou, shared today that the Cabinet has made an important decision to simplify the enrollment and transfers of children from schools abroad to schools in Cyprus. This is good news for both Cypriot and foreign families who want their kids to continue their education in Cyprus after studying in their home countries. It also makes it easier for people coming to Cyprus for work, investment, or to settle down.

Another positive development is that the Cabinet approved financial support for the day-to-day expenses of parochial education entities, specifically parochial schools in the United Kingdom. This move shows the government's backing for the expatriate community, and parochial education, and supports significant national efforts in this area.

Additionally, the Cabinet gave the green light for funding the Interdisciplinary Institute of Cypriot Studies at the University of Münster. This institute aims to enhance understanding among students and the wider community about Cyprus' history, culture, and language, contributing to research and cultural awareness about the country.

Responding to questions about inspectors not being allowed into Greek Cypriot schools in Rizokarpaso by occupying authorities, Minister Michaelidou noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dealing with the issue. This obstacle, preventing assessments or training of educators, has been a known challenge for a while, creating issues that need addressing.

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