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Honoring excellence at the Bank of Cyprus Man of the Year awards 2023

Celebrating resilience, determination, and achievements across managerial, scientific, creative, and athletic endeavors

Marios Christofi

Historian Thucydides stated, "Excellent are those whose morale is not shaken by calamities, those who show the greatest determination in action." It is this excellence that the Bank of Cyprus Man of the Year Awards seeks to recognize, and it's been happening since 2001. These awards aim to highlight individuals who, despite challenges, overcome them to create significant achievements in their respective fields, serving as inspiration for others.

The awards ceremony, scheduled for Thursday, December 7, includes four categories: "Manager/Entrepreneur," "Scientist," "Creativity-Culture," and "Athlete." Winners in these categories were selected by 200 prominent Cypriot personalities who recognized individuals achieving their goals through hard work and determination.

Additionally, seven categories, including "Investor of the Year," "Sustainable Development," "International Cypriot," and "Lifetime Achievement in Memory of Christos Iakovidis," have no voting process. These categories represent achievements that extend beyond individuals and contribute to the broader society.

Over the years, the Bank of Cyprus Man of the Year Awards has recognized outstanding individuals, including athletes like Markos Bagdatis and cultural figures such as Hampi Tsagaris. These individuals serve as beacons of light, demonstrating that excellence is not just a component of success but the essence of human existence.

Here is the list of nominees: 


  1. Dimitris Zoppos
  2. Andreas Neocleous
  3. Dinos Mitsidis
  4. Kostas Mavromatis
  5. George Petrou


  1. George Ioannou
  2. Brute Force (team of 4) - Konstantinos Aristodimou, Marios Iakovou, Panagiotis Theodorou, George Evangelou
  3. Diophantos Hadjimitsis
  4. Vias Markidis


  1. Stavros Stavrou
  2. Hercules Papachristou
  3. Kostas Silvestros
  4. Prokopis Agathokleous
  5. Stavros Lantsias
  6. Cyrus Papavasileiou


  1. Pavlos Kontidis
  2. George Achilleos
  3. Milan Trajkovic
  4. John Pittas
  5. Vladimir Tziortzis
  6. Elias Kostis

Winners for this year will be chosen through a survey conducted by SYMMETRON and the readers of MAN magazine, supervised by the auditing firm Deloitte. The awards ceremony is supported by major sponsors, including Bank of Cyprus, Johnnie Walker, and M.S. Iakovidis BMW BMW - Char. Pilakoutas, Cara, University of Nicosia, OΠΑΠ Cyprus, AlphaMega supermarkets, Deloitte, Phil. Andreou.

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