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Transport ministry explores convenient fine payment methods

How SMS and email alerts could change fines delivery

Marios Christofi

The Ministry of Transport is exploring fresh avenues for fine distribution, putting the brakes on photo radar for the time being. Transport Minister Alexis Vafeiadis expressed, "We're pursuing a solution with minimal red tape. I've resolved to exhaust the possibility of an alternative approach before revisiting discussions with the Justice Minister regarding fines distribution at airports and ports."

In terms of delivering fines via SMS and emails, Mr. Vafeiadis explained, "SMS and emails are provisions within a bill, which, given our exploration of alternative solutions, I haven't yet forwarded for legislative review until this matter is clarified. SMS and emails will be dispatched for swift citizen updates, but legally, they can't substitute personal fine delivery to the offender."

What exactly is the photo radar?
The photo radar is poised to be a cutting-edge software system set to enable on-the-spot fines issuance. As elucidated by Traffic Department superintendent Tasos Asiekis to "K", its essence lies in its capability to issue on-the-spot fines or cautionary letters indicating impending prosecution at airports, ports, checkpoints, and any police station. The integration of this application into the Police systems is underway.

"If on-the-spot fine issuance or a letter notifying the offender of impending prosecution fails, then the Photo Radar List application will be activated," he underscored. "The Photo Radar List is an application integrated within the Police's electronic systems. For instance, if an individual intends to travel abroad via the airport, during passport control, a cross-check will be conducted through the Photo Radar List application to ascertain whether there are any outstanding fines against them."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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