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President in good spirits after surgery

Nicos Anastasiades in good spirit s after undergoing surgery following a misstep in Limassol


President Nicos Anastasiades is recuperating after hip surgery, following a slip-and-fall accident in Limassol on Saturday.

The President was rushed to hospital after taking a misstep and suffering a fracture to his right hip on Saturday morning. Anastasiades reportedly went to greet a child after exiting the presidential vehicle in Limassol and took a misstep as he was ready to return to his car.

He is in good spirits and good health, said his doctor, adding there will be no visitation for 48 hours to eliminate the risk of an infection

He was taken to a private clinic in Limassol where he underwent surgery to repair a broken hip. The president was placed under regional anesthesia around 4pm with doctors saying the surgery ended successfully just after 5pm. Doctor Andreas Panayiotou, who performed the surgery, said there were no complications but the president would remain hospitalized for two days.

“The president is in his hospital room and he is expected to have movement tomorrow. He is in good spirits and good health. He will not take visits for the next 48 hours so we that we can eliminate the risk of an infection,” the doctor said.

Anastasiades’ doctor was said to have treated the first lady’s mother a few months ago for a similar problem. 

The president is expected to be back to work in 2-3 weeks.

The story has been updated with post-surgery information

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