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Qatargate: Eva Kaili's Testimony

'I'm not sure how to explain the large sums of money in my house'


One day after her arrest, SKAI reveals Eva Kaili's answers to the investigator during her testimony to Belgian authorities. The MEP was attempting to justify her initial actions following her husband's arrest, the presence of large sums of money in her home, and the suitcase in which her father was arrested while admitting two meetings in Brussels with the Qatari labor minister in the presence of her partner.

By the time Eva Kaili began her testimony, the police had already taken her father into custody.

The initial steps

Eva Kaili:  "I went to my husband's office after he was taken into custody. I went to his office to search through his belongings to learn the circumstances surrounding his arrest. I found his computer as well as his phone. I then called my dad, who was taking care of the baby.  I asked him to bring the suitcases," she said.

Investigator:  "Do you remember what was inside?"

Eva Kaili:  "I took the suitcase out. I unlocked the safe. I know he had something for his former boss, Panzeri, and possibly his current boss, Andrea Cozzolino. I attempted to call Panceri first, but he was unavailable. I then attempted to contact Tarabella and Marie Arena. They responded that they don't know why Panzeri isn't responding. Panzeri doesn't speak English, so I communicate with him via his friends because my Italian isn't very good."

The investigators have been trying to figure out what Eva Kaili knew about the money since the beginning.

Investigator:  "How do you explain the discovery of such large sums of money in your home?"

Eva Kaili: "I'm not sure why, but my husband did it. Antonio Pancheri has extensive experience working with African countries on human rights issues. He calls Francesco whenever he wants to do something about it or convey something to him. He has complete faith in him. He had more faith in his apartment. I'm not sure if it was related to my immunity."

The police had already arrested Eva Kaili's father by the time she was called to testify.

Investigator: "Why did you give your father the suitcase?"

Eva Kaili:  "Francesco was arrested at 10:30 a.m. I assumed he'd been in a car accident. I had no idea what I was doing. My husband had just been arrested, and his car had been impounded. My daughter had gone for a walk with her father. I requested that he return immediately. I packed the items and placed them in a suitcase. I even included a bottle for the infant. I only took Antonio Panchery's possessions. I had no idea who owned the PC or cell phone, but they were close to the suitcase, so I stuffed them in, thinking they belonged to Panzeri.  My father is in no way connected and has health issues. He took on the role of a grandfather. He has no idea. I'm guessing he opened the suitcase in the hotel."

I was present at the Qatari meetings

The investigators cite evidence of the meetings between the Panzeri network and the Qataris and Eva Kaili is asked to answer.

Investigator:  "There is a lot of evidence about various people in this file. We can see from this evidence that you and your partner visited a hotel on Louise STEINGENBERGER Avenue twice. We noticed that you were in contact with a Qatari delegation during these meetings. Tell us about the people you met and the purpose of your meetings."

Eva Kaili:  "I met the Qatari Minister of Labour, who normally speaks Arabic, using a French translator. Francesco assisted me in translating from French to English. It was about the minister's trip to the European Parliament. He wanted to know how the visa vote in the European Parliament worked. Panzeri was not present during these visits. I believe he met them without me, and they had other conversations."

Georgio and Panzeri have a close relationship

Eva Kaili then explained to the investigators the relationship between Panzeri and Giorgio.

Eva Kaili:   "I don't know the details of Panzeri and Francesco's relationship; they speak either Italian or French. Although they are seen together and hang out, they never discussed anything specific other than "how are you?" I had never considered where that money came from before. I didn't look at his computer or his belongings until yesterday. I went looking yesterday (9/12) because I knew Antonio had given him a bigger briefcase. Even when I wasn't home, Antonio would come in for a cup of coffee. Antonio and Francesco have a close friendship. I trusted Francesco because he was always cautious and precise. I was offered two or three higher-paying jobs, but the main criterion for me was not the salary."

Eva Kaili provided a new statement to the Belgian investigator on Wednesday evening.




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