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Garage gate erupts as Biden faces Burisma email deadline

White House lawyers turn over Obama-era classified materials, content not yet known


US President Joe Biden is facing new challenges following revelations that a second batch of classified documents has been discovered in his home garage in Delaware, just weeks before a deadline expires on releasing emails related to Cyprus-based Burisma, a Ukrainian oil company where his son Hunter got a seat on the board.

The White House Counsel's Office announced the discovery on Thursday after news had emerged about a first stash that was found in an office at the Penn Biden Center think tank at the University of Pennsylvania.

A Fox News reporter asked Biden how he could keep classified materials “next to your Corvette?”a reference to the President’s classic 1967 Stingray that had been rebuilt as a Christmas present by his son Hunter.

A Fox News reporter asked Biden how he could keep classified materials next to his Corvette, the President’s classic 1967 Stingray that had been rebuilt as a Christmas present from his son Hunter

Biden pointed out that his Corvette was in a locked garage, adding he was “going to get a chance to speak on this soon, God willing.”

The White House says the administration has arranged to deliver the documents to the Department of Justice.

But Republicans are crying foul over double standards, arguing a similar case involving former president Donald Trump was handled more aggressively when FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

The content of the materials found in Biden’s case was not known but media reports suggested they were Obama-era classified documents.

This is not the only headache for White House lawyers regarding documents related to Biden.

Last month a former Trump advisor and speechwriter, Stephen Miller, pointed to a Freedom of Information Act request seeking the release of documents during the Obama years that contained the word "Burisma,” a Ukrainian gas company that was registered in Cyprus.

In late November the National Archives and Records Administration gave the White House 60 days to decide if they would challenge a decision before the agency would release 69 images and 282 emails in response to the request for documents, including messages containing the word "Burisma."

Documents being requested include communications during a crucial period in 2014, when Ukraine was undergoing the Maidan Revolution.

Around the same time, in mid-May 2014, Cyprus-based gas company Burisma announced that Hunter Biden would be joining its board of directors, while a week later then-vice president Joe Biden landed on the divided island for an official visit.

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