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Quarantine not on the table for now

Ideas floating around as experts worry about lack of discipline among repatriated persons


Despite chatter over the possibility of reintroducing quarantine in the Republic of Cyprus for repatriated persons, sources describe the tough alternative as a “very unlikely” scenario.

As local media have been reporting on confirmed coronavirus cases among repatriated passengers in Cyprus, reports have also been pointing to an apparent lack of discipline in some repatriated persons told to self-isolate and another case puzzling officials as to how a traveler who tested negative upon arrival later tested positive.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, both state authorities and a team of health experts advising the government throughout the pandemic crisis have been worrying over reported “cases of lack of discipline” amongst repatriated persons.

According to a health expert, the reported cases of lack of discipline did not appear to be widespread amongst repatriated persons

But earlier quarantine restrictions on travelers did not seem to be on the agenda according to Kathimerini’s Yiannos Lytras, who said the health advisory committee was expected to discuss the issue of monitoring repatriated persons.

“The possibility of bringing back compulsory quarantine is not something clearly visible in the horizon for now, according to sources sought out by Kathimerini,” Lytras said, adding that no such request had been registered as a topic of discussion.

According to health expert Petros Karayiannis, a professor and a member of the committee, the cases of lack of discipline did not appear to be widespread amongst repatriated persons.

But Karayiannis, who condemned scenes of overcrowding, had also warned last week that bad behaviours could lead to setbacks.

Ideas currently floating around include the introduction of random sampling among arriving passengers who will then be closely monitored.

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