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Rain on the way as sunshine sticks around

Hail storms possible while weather turns cold Friday, back up again Sunday


An unstable atmosphere is hanging over Cyprus, with periods of sunshine punctuated by clouds and increasing chances of rain, isolated thunderstorms and even hail.

Thursday skies remain mostly clear with periods of sunshine during extended periods, with updrafts and downdrafts throughout the day.

Cloud formations will also be affected as heat and moisture move vertically, with chances of rain, isolated thunderstorms, and possibly hail in some parts under heavy precipitation

Cloud formations will also be affected as heat and moisture move vertically, increasing chances of rain and isolated thunderstorms, while hail is also expected in some parts with heavy rain possibly affecting road conditions.

Thanksgiving Day maximums are expected to reach 22° Celsius inland, around 23 in all coastal regions, and 13 in the mountains, while minimum low temperatures for Thursday will register 10 degrees inland, 12 along the coast, and 6 degrees in the mountains.

Winds will range from moderate to strong during the day and moderate during the night, while the sea will be relatively calm.

Friday and Saturday weather will continue with clouds and chances of rain, while temperatures on both days expected to take a slight dip to fall below normal averages for this time of the year.

Sunday will remain partly cloudy while temperatures are expected to rise to normal levels for this time of the year. 

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