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Refugees block departure of ferry in Rhodes

Migrants demand relocation, impacting ferries


Around 400 migrants and refugees staged a protest at the port of Rhodes on Sunday, creating a significant disruption in the area. As reported by Greek City Times, the demonstrators had arrived at the port from various locations on the island and were determined to prevent the departure of the passenger/car ferry "Nisos Chios."

They demanded to be taken off the island and either transported to organized reception facilities or the mainland.

This impromptu demonstration not only halted the departure of the "Nisos Chios" but also affected the scheduled docking of the passenger/car ferry "Nisos Patmos" at the same port.

Due to safety concerns arising from the protest, authorities considered alternative docking locations for the "Nisos Patmos."

The situation has garnered the attention of relevant authorities who are now working to address the disruption and ensure the safety and well-being of the migrants and refugees involved.

The incident underscores the ongoing challenges related to migration and the need for organized reception facilities on the island and the mainland.

[With information sourced from Greek City Times]

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