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Refugees from Ukraine - The Government's temporary aid package

More than eight thousand Ukrainians have come to Cyprus and more are expected

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

An inter-ministerial committee that convened under the chairmanship of Interior Minister Nikos Nouris concluded with specific measures to host Ukrainian citizens in Cyprus who have fled their country due to the hostilities.

Nicosia, in the spirit of Brussels' policy to deal with the humanitarian crisis, has decided to grant temporary protection to Ukrainians who came to Cyprus after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to those who were in Cyprus for tourism or business reasons.

The Ministry of Tourism took action to locate about 3 thousand tourist accommodations in which the Ukrainians will be accommodated.

According to official data from the Ministry of Interior, there are 6,024 Ukrainian citizens in Cyprus who arrived after the Russian invasion and another 2,300 who were "trapped". The specific individuals and those who come at a later stage will be treated differently, both in the matter of reception and stay in Cyprus.

The measures

After the meeting, the inter-ministerial committee agreed today that Ukrainian citizens who are in Cyprus or are expected arrive will have to register on a relevant website and will receive approval from the Ministry of Interior on the same day. In order to have access to a range of services provided to them, Ukrainian citizens will have to complete the process of social welfare services in order to be issued a card that will allow them to have medical coverage, access to education and the labor market.  The card, that functions as a residence permit, will be valid for one year.


Ukrainian refugees will be treated differently when it comes to housing in Cyprus. As it was decided, the Ministry of Tourism earmarked about 3 thousand tourist accommodations in which the Ukrainians will be allocated. Also, the Ministry of Social Welfare will handle assigning the refugees to their respective accommodations as well as providing them benefits.


Based on the direction of the EU, the Ukrainians who will come to Cyprus will be able to work under the same status as citizens of an EU member state provided that the card issued to them remains valid. According to the Interior Minister, work permits will be granted to all Ukrainians. The measures decided by the inter-ministerial committee will be presented to the Council of Ministers for approval.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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