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Road victim tried to flag down bus that killed him

Media reports say preliminary findings rule out speeding in fatal accident on Nicosia highway


New details emerged in a fatal accident investigation involving a bus and a pedestrian on a highway south of Nicosia, with reports saying a foreign male on foot had crossed lanes to wave down the driver.

According to local media, police are still in the process of identifying a road victim, who was killed after being struck by a bus on Wednesday early morning along the Nicosia-Limassol highway.

Police have declined to comment on the incident citing protocol and privacy procedures.

Knews has learned that a bag found at the scene of the accident may have belonged to the road victim, who had a passport issued by a European country.

Media reports said the pedestrian was attempting to cross the highway near Pera Chorio, a suburb in Nicosia district, on Wednesday early morning around 2am.

The man, who was believed to have tried to flag down a southbound bus, attempted to wave at the driver who reportedly did not see him in time.

Traffic police also declined to provide details about the incident, citing an ongoing investigation, but reports in the media said officials ruled out speeding based preliminary findings.

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