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Security is tight as Nicosia hosts trilateral meeting

Trilateral meeting between Cyprus, Greece, and Israel take a toll on Cypriot traffic


Security is tight on the island as the leaders of Cyprus, Greece, and Israel hold a trilateral meeting at the Presidential Palace Tuesday, with police setting up road blocks and flying helicopters non-stop.

Traffic delays are expected as police officers and patrol cars are positioned along the highway route between Larnaca airport and the Presidential Palace in Nicosia, regulating traffic at roundabouts, traffic lights and other intersections in the capital city.

Armed police officers can be seen in the area of the Presidential Palace while armed Israeli special officers are patrolling the inner perimeter.

President Nicos Anastasiades is hosting the fourth trilateral meeting between the three countries, where he is expected to sign with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Greek Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras a number of agreements to enhance cooperation in specific areas like energy, trade and investments.

For added security, helicopters are seen and heard flying over the Presidential Palace and the outer perimeter, while two satellite stations have been set up by police, one in Larnaca and one in Nicosia.

Traffic is expected to be bumper to bumper when leaders are transported back to the airport, following the conclusion of the summit.

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