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16 July, 2024
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Wet weather expected to bring hail for a day

Cooler temperatures, rain showers and isolated thunderstorms are on the way


There is a chance of hail on a cool and rainy Tuesday, with cloudy skies, rain and thunderstorms expected to last throughout the day.

The weather forecast includes increasing cloud formations with rain showers and isolated thunderstorms, giving way possibly to hail in some parts of the island just for the day.

Maximum temperatures will reach 23° Celsius inland as well as on the eastern and southern coasts, while it will be 22° in the west and northern shores. Temperature is expected to reach 15° up in the mountains.

Evening temperatures will drop down to 14° inland, around 17° out west, 15° in the rest of the coastal regions, while it will drop down to 10° at higher elevations.

Mixed weather is expected on Wednesday, with mostly clear periods punctuated by cloudy skies and possibly rain between noon and late afternoon. Temperatures are expected to climb.

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