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Senior citizen dies at a Yeroskipou beach

Lifeguards try but fail to revive man who was spotted unconscious in the water


An 83-year-old man died in the water on Monday at a tourist beach in Yeroskipou, with lifeguards and fellow beachgoers not been able to get to him quickly enough.

The man, described as a Cypriot overseas resident, was spotted unconscious floating in the water around 11am.

He was quickly brought to shore for resuscitation, but there were no signs of reviving the senior citizen by the time he was in the hands of lifeguards on duty.

Medics also arrived at the scene and transported him to Paphos General Hospital, where doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the man was swimming in the sea with his wife.

Lifeguards were on duty at the time of the incident while a recent debate over working hours, equipment including jet skis, and adequate staffing has yet to be concluded. 

A post-mortem will be conducted at Paphos General.

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