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Seven out of ten students can get drugs in a day

Youth's easy drug access sparks concern among authorities


A recent revelation has sparked concern among authorities in Cyprus as reports indicate that 7-8 out of 10 Cypriot students find it alarmingly easy to obtain drugs, including cannabis, within a mere 24-hour timeframe.

Dr. Kyprianou Christ Minas, president of the Cyprus Drug Treatment Authority, shed light on this worrying trend during discussions on Sport FM and the news broadcast. He emphasized the urgent need for improvements in tackling drug accessibility, particularly within the educational system.

Addressing the issue, Dr. Minas highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance intervention strategies in schools through collaboration protocols established by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, the Cyprus Police (YCA), the Ministry of Education, and The Addiction Treatment Authority.

Furthermore, concerns were raised regarding Cyprus' recent inclusion in the European Charter for methamphetamine use. While Cyprus boasts relatively lower drug usage rates compared to its European counterparts, Dr. Minas expressed apprehension over the emergence of methamphetamine consumption within the country.

However, amidst these concerns, there is a glimmer of hope as recent research suggests a stabilization in methamphetamine usage rates, signaling potential progress in combating this alarming trend.

Efforts to curb drug consumption within Cypriot schools were also underscored, with an emphasis on early intervention strategies starting from primary education, according to the Addiction Treatment Authority.

Additionally, discussions within the House Legal Committee brought attention to gaps in addressing drug trafficking and usage among minors. Calls were made for enhanced collaboration between health professionals, educators, and law enforcement agencies to effectively tackle this pressing issue.

Commander Stelios Aristidou of the YCA outlined proactive measures to ensure a safe school environment, including the assignment of designated police officers to school units. Stressing the importance of seamless information exchange between schools and law enforcement, Aristidou emphasized the pivotal role of these designated officers in responding to drug-related incidents within school premises.

In response to these challenges, there have been calls for strengthened collaboration between YCANS and educators, alongside increased support services within educational institutions, including expanded counseling and psychological support services.

Despite evidence of criminal cases involving student drug trafficking and usage, authorities acknowledge that these figures likely represent only a fraction of the broader issue. Urgent action is needed to address the underlying causes of drug-related incidents among students and to ensure a safer and healthier environment for Cyprus' youth.

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