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Shots fired during car chase in Chloraka

Three foreign males detained after Paphos police chase suspicious vehicle, one other got away


Three young men are in police custody and another one is wanted by police following a car chase in Chloraka, where officers used their guns in an attempt to flag down a suspicious vehicle.

According to police, Paphos officers patrolling Chloraka on Thursday evening became suspicious after the driver of a vehicle appeared to move away from law enforcement agents during a crime prevention watch.

“As soon as he became aware of police presence, the driver of the vehicle attempted to get away, driving recklessly and dangerously, with police officers pursuing the vehicle in question while activating their sirens and calling on the driver to stop for inspection,” a police reports said.

Police did not provide the exact number of shots fired during the pursuit but told Knews 'the officers would have had a valid reason to fire the shots, high up in the air'

The incident took place on Makariou Avenue around 8pm, with officers also firing warning shots during the car chase, which ended when the car in question crashed into a parked vehicle.

Police told Knews on Friday morning that officers make use of their firearm only when necessary and after taking all safety precautions, with a communications officer saying the exact number of shots fired during Thursday’s incident was not immediately known.

“The officers would have had a valid reason to fire the shots, high up in the air, this is something that can happen when suspects try to flee,” the officer told Knews.

Police said the 21-year-old driver tried to run away but was apprehended by officers, who arrested him on resisting lawful arrest as well as traffic violations.

Two other men aged 19 were in the backseat and were also detained, with one of them refusing to consent to a search and ending up being arrested for obstructing a police officer as well.

Another male in the front passenger seat had managed to evade capture by fleeing the scene as soon as the car collided with the other vehicle.

The suspects, all foreign nationals, are facing various charges, including possession of burglary tools, after police officers who searched the vehicle found five screwdrivers of different sizes and a set of hand pruners.

A police officer, who went to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, was treated for an injured and swollen finger.

Additional charges include driving without a permit, driving without insurance, and failing to comfy with police instructions.

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