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UNFICYP steps up patrols after shooting incident

Shots fired against UN patrol in Cyprus following car chase inside buffer zone in Nicosia


The United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus is stepping up patrols and calling for an investigation following an alleged incident over the weekend, when peacekeepers came under attack by unidentified individuals.

UNFICYP on Monday said one of their patrols inside the buffer zone in Nicosia came under attack on Saturday late night around 10pm.

An official statement did not include specific details but local media said shots were fired during the incident.

According to Philenews, peacekeepers approached a pickup truck which sped away. A car chase then ensued and two shots were fired towards the UN patrol vehicle.

Peacekeepers inside the buffer zone approached a pickup truck which sped away, with a car chase then taking place when two shots were fired towards the UN patrol vehicle

UNFICYP said no peacekeepers were injured during the incident, which took place some three kilometers east of Geri.

“A UN patrol vehicle was damaged in the incident, thankfully no peacekeepers were harmed or injured,” the statement said.

UNFICYP said the perpetrators fled towards the south in a vehicle.

No statement had been issued by Cyprus Police following the incident. Knews was unable to reach a law enforcement official on Tuesday for comment.

But UNFICYP said it “welcomes the thorough investigation being conducted by the local authorities and calls on them to bring the perpetrators to justice swiftly.”

UN officials said they were stepping up patrols and monitoring the situation closely.

“Deliberate attacks targeting peacekeepers constitute a serious crime under international law,” UNFICYP stated.

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