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Nicosia issues warning over Tatar-Aliyev meeting

Greek Cypriots ‘disappointed’ over diplomatic stunt in Turkey, point Azerbaijan to EU formalities


Nicosia is voicing its displeasure over the Turkish Cypriot leader’s official visit to Baku, with Greek Cypriots saying they were disappointed by the Azeri president and pointing to UN resolutions that recognize only one Republic in Cyprus.

Photos were published this week showing Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar visiting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Turkey, an event that drew criticism from the Republic of Cyprus.

The Cypriot foreign ministry issued a statement on expressing “disappointment and displeasure” over the recent meeting between Tatar and Aliyev.

Greek Cypriot diplomats also criticized the fact that such a meeting was publicized where Tatar was described as “President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

The meeting took place at the Ramada Plaza Konya where Turkey is hosting the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games.

Tatar ridiculed for going to Konya with no athletes

Tatar was criticized and even ridiculed for going to Konya while there were no Turkish Cypriots athletes taking part in the games.

Last year a growing number of Azerbaijani dignitaries visited the northern part of the divided island, including a delegation of Azeri lawmakers

But Tatar argued he was going to hold “bilateral meetings” to shed light on what he described as “sports embargoes” against Turkish Cypriot youth.”

Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides has instructed diplomats to take the issue at various diplomatic venues, according to a statement by his office.

Kasoulides also warned that Baku was ignoring institutions within the European Union, an organization with which Azerbaijan was seeking institutional ties, he said, with the Greek Cypriot chief diplomat also pointing out such an agreement would require approval by the Republic of Cyprus.

Earlier this year Nicosia was alarmed after the Turkish Cypriot administration hinted it was expecting Baku to recognize the north, currently not recognized by any country except Turkey.

During the recent Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 2020, Cyprus’ Greek Cypriot former foreign minister and current presidential candidate Nikos Christodoulides called on all sides in the region to cease hostilities, while also pointing the finger at Azerbaijan over instability in the area.

Last year a growing number of Azerbaijani dignitaries visited the northern part of the divided island, including a delegation of Azeri lawmakers.

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