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Showers, thunderstorms and dust for Holy Week

Stay prepared for varied weather conditions as we celebrate Holy Week


As Holy Week unfolds, weather conditions are set to bring a mix of isolated showers, thunderstorms, and heightened dust concentrations across Cyprus. According to forecasts from the Meteorological Service, Holy Monday will see mainly clear skies initially, with intermittent medium and high clouds throughout the day. By midday and beyond, developing clouds could trigger isolated showers and potential thunderstorms, particularly in mountainous and inland areas.

Holy Monday will bring clear skies but with increasing mid to high clouds. As the day progresses, expect developing clouds to bring isolated showers and possible thunderstorms, especially inland and in mountainous regions. Winds will start variable but gradually shift to southeast to southwest, light to moderate, with seas generally to slightly rough. Temperatures are forecasted to reach around 32 degrees Celsius inland, slightly cooler along the coasts, and 22 degrees in mountainous areas.

Looking ahead, Tuesday and Wednesday will see similar weather patterns, with gradually increasing clouds leading to isolated showers and thunderstorms, primarily in mountainous regions and inland areas. By Maundy Thursday, intermittent clouds are expected, potentially bringing isolated showers, with temperatures gradually dropping but remaining above seasonal averages.

Notably, elevated concentrations of dust are anticipated in the atmosphere, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Meteorological Service advises caution, especially for those with respiratory sensitivities, as dust levels may be higher than usual.

For updates and detailed forecasts, continue monitoring the Meteorological Service's announcements and stay prepared for changing weather conditions throughout Holy Week.

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