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Six new cameras installed to monitor traffic violations in Nicosia

Nicosia province takes action for safer roads


In a proactive move aimed at enhancing road safety measures, authorities in the province of Nicosia have expanded the deployment of automated traffic monitoring systems. Commencing operations on Friday, May 3, 2024, six additional fixed cameras have been strategically positioned at two pivotal locations within the province:

- At the bustling intersection of Athalassa Avenue and Acropolis Avenue, as well as along Joseph Hadjiosef Street, motorists will now encounter four state-of-the-art cameras meticulously designed to vigilantly oversee adherence to traffic regulations. These high-tech devices are poised to crack down on infractions ranging from disregarding red lights to encroaching over the white line, and even flouting speed limits.

- Meanwhile, along the bustling thoroughfare of Archangelos Avenue, two sophisticated monitoring units have been installed to meticulously track vehicle speeds and swiftly identify any flagrant violations of traffic laws.

This strategic expansion of the automated traffic surveillance network underscores a steadfast commitment to fostering safer roadways and cultivating a culture of conscientious driving habits across the nation. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to curb reckless driving behaviors, authorities aim to significantly mitigate the occurrence of severe and potentially fatal road accidents, thus safeguarding the lives of countless commuters.

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