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Sorry, Putin, Alaska's not up for grabs!

U.S. State Department laughs off speculations, confirms Alaska stays put


The U.S. State Department has dismissed speculations about the return of Alaska to Russia, responding to reports of President Vladimir Putin ordering an investigation into Russian "real estate" abroad. Despite Putin's recent decree allocating funds for researching and registering Russian property overseas, including former territories, the State Department's spokesperson, Vedant Patel, made it clear during a press briefing that Alaska would not be returned to Russian hands.

The statement prompted laughter from the audience, emphasizing the firm U.S. stance on the matter. Concerns arose when Putin's decree did not explicitly mention Alaska, leading to speculation among military bloggers about its potential inclusion. The 1867 sale of Alaska from Russia to the U.S. was notably omitted from the decree, but the State Department's unequivocal response reaffirmed its position on Alaska remaining under American jurisdiction.

[Source: The Hill]

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