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Squall hits Cyprus as snow flurries fall in Troodos

Strong winds batter Cyprus day and night on Wednesday, cloudy weather, stormy weekend


The first snow for the outgoing year was recorded high up in Troodos Mountains Wednesday morning, as the island is being battered by strong winds.

According to Kitas Weather, a light and short-lived snowfall was captured by live cameras in Troodos, with the live cam stationed at the Jubilee Hotel showing temporary accumulation of snow or sleet over the early morning hours.

Weather officials said a westerly front was affecting the island on Wednesday, with very strong winds expected during both daytime and evening hours in parts of the island.

Cloudy skies are expected throughout the day with chances of showers in the morning along with snow flurries or light snow high up in the mountains.

A westerly front is affecting the island with very strong winds expected during daytime and evening hours in parts of the island

Temperature highs will reach 19 degrees Celsius inland and on the coast, while it will be 8 degrees higher up.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with winds remaining strong in some areas of the island. Temperature lows will drop to 9 degrees inland, around 11 in the south and east, around 13 in the north and out west, while it will be two (2) high up in the mountains where frost is expected to form.

Temperatures are expected to go up slightly on Thursday with levels approaching normal averages for this time of the year.

Cloudy skies are expected on Friday while rain chances on Saturday will include possible isolated thunderstorms caused by conditions coming from the west.

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