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Man dies during taxi ride between hospitals

Elderly man with severe stomach cramps dies in cab after being told there was no ambulance available


Health officials have ordered a probe into an incident in Paphos where an elderly man died in a taxi while on a ride between hospitals after being refused treatment and ambulance.

According to local media, an elderly man was suffering from severe abdominal pain when he showed up Tuesday evening at Polis Chrysochous hospital in Paphos district.

After a doctor on duty told him to visit Paphos General Hospital in the city, 77-year-old Paraskevas Pavlou hired a taxi for the 25-mile ride after being told there was no ambulance available to take him.

Based on information from family relatives and local media, Pavlou paid for a cab and was on his way to Paphos General when he lost consciousness inside the vehicle.

According to doctors on duty at Paphos hospital, Pavlou had already been dead when the taxi arrived.

Polis Chrysochous mayor Yiotis Papachristofi weighed in on the case and called on Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela to address staff shortage issues at the rural hospital.

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