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21 April, 2024
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Stories written in clouds and showers

Painting the skies with weather charms


Today, we're treated to a captivating spectacle as clouds drift by, possibly gracing us with brief showers, especially in the mountains. A touch of dust adds to the mystique in the air.

Winds gently guide us from southeast to southwest, gradually picking up their tempo as the day unfolds. The sea, stirred but serene, reflects the celestial ballet above. Temperatures rise gracefully to 22 degrees Celsius inland, 20 along the coast, and a cool 13 in the mountains.

As night falls, the scene transforms. Clouds gather, hinting at local showers and the chance of thunderstorms, mainly from the west. Troodos might even see a sprinkle of snow or sleet.

Winds shift southwest to west, with a bit more vigor along the coast. Temperature-wise, expect 7 degrees Celsius inland, 10 along the coast, and 4 up high, where frost might make an appearance.

Midweek brings a mix of clouds and sun, with isolated showers and distant thunder adding to the drama. Troodos keeps its air of mystery with possible snow. Come Friday, expect intermittent showers and storms, a final flourish before the weekend.

Temperature-wise, Wednesday cools a bit, while Thursday and Friday remain steadfast. So, as the weather unfolds its story, let's embrace the wonder and find solace in its ever-changing embrace.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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