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Strovolos authorities ramp up efforts to locate dangerous pack of dogs

Police and municipality coordinate search as concerns grow for public safety

Efforts to locate the pack of stray dogs roaming the Strovolos 'Gramiko' park have been ongoing since Saturday, April 15th, with the assistance of the Dog Branch of the Cyprus Police.

The Strovolos Municipality, in collaboration with the Police and dog trainers, will attempt to trap the dogs in the coming days using special means to safely confine and transport them to certified shelters. In the meantime, citizens are urged to immediately contact the Police through the Citizen's Line at 1460 if they come across anything related to the pack of dogs.

Pack of Dogs Attack Citizen and Pet in Strovolos 'Gramiko' Park

In a recent incident, a pack of six to seven medium and large-sized dogs attacked a citizen and their dog in the linear park of Strovolos near the 76th Scout System. The dogs aggressively surrounded and barked at the citizen and their dog, preventing them from continuing on their way.

The pack retreated after 5-6 minutes, leaving the citizen and their dog upset.

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