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Student hospitalized with cracked skull after attack with hammer

A 13-year-old student of a Limassol school was violently attacked by a student of another school with a hammer, with the victim now dealing with a cracked skull


A 13-year-old student of a Limassol private school was rushed to the Limassol general hospital on Monday morning after he was hit on the head with a hammer by a 15-year-old student of another school.

According to the police, the incident occurred shortly before noon, when the 15-year-old, accompanied by another student aged 13, entered the area of ​​the private school and attacked a 13-year-old student.

The victim received a blow to the head with a hammer and was transported to the Limassol General Hospital, where doctors ascertained that his skull had been cracked.

The 13-year-old is expected to be transported to the Makario hospital in Nicosia as a precaution.

Police investigations are at an early stage, though the details of the perpetrator have been secured and his arrest is expected to facilitate police investigations.


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