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20 July, 2024
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Sunny skies with a splash of showers, a refreshing break ahead

Get ready for clear mornings and playful afternoon clouds bringing isolated showers and thunderstorms


Today, we're in for a treat! Enjoy mostly clear skies, but keep an eye out in the afternoon for some playful clouds bringing a chance of isolated showers or thunderstorms, especially in the mountains and inland. Winds will start off light and variable, picking up from the southwest to northwest later, making the sea a bit lively. Expect temperatures to reach 39°C inland, 32°C on the west coast, 35°C on the rest of the coast, and a refreshing 30°C in the mountains.

Tonight, the weather stays pleasant with mostly clear skies and some cozy low clouds forming. Light winds will continue from the southwest to the northwest, and the sea will calm down, perfect for a late-night stroll. Temperatures will drop to a comfortable 22°C inland, around 24°C on the coast, and a cool 19°C in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead to Wednesday and Thursday, start your mornings with sunshine and get ready for afternoon clouds to roll in, bringing a fun chance of isolated showers or thunderstorms, mainly in the mountains and inland areas. You might even spot some hail in the mix!

By Friday, it's back to mostly clear skies with afternoon clouds bringing a few more isolated showers, especially in the mountains. Temperatures will stay just a bit above the average for this time of year, keeping things pleasantly warm. Enjoy the weather and make the most of the refreshing showers!

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