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Cyprus remains a strong innovator in European rankings

Ranked 10th among EU states with significant performance gains, reports Deputy Ministry

Source: CNA

Cyprus maintains its position as a Strong Innovator in the European Innovation Scoreboard for the 3rd consecutive year, the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy said on Monday.

Cyprus is ranked 10th among the EU member states, achieving a performance of 106.3% of the European average and, at the same time, the highest increase across Europe (39%) compared to 2017, the Deputy Ministry said in a press release. Ιt further noted that Cyprus has recorded an increase this year in 15 of the 32 indicators assessed by the Report, and over time, from 2017 to date, in 28 indicators.

It is added that Cyprus is ranked as a Top Performer in the category "Linkages", which refers to the collaborations of innovative businesses with each other or with other institutions, publications as a result of public-private collaboration, and the mobility of human resources in the fields of science and technology, while the country also ranks high in the category "Attractive research systems", which includes internationally scientific publications from research institutions and the number of research institutions in Cyprus.

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Dr. Nicodemos Damianou, said that the long-term evolution and impressive performance of the country's research and innovation ecosystem in relation to its size validates the effectiveness of the government's policies and implementation measures and underlines the dynamic of the Cypriot ecosystem.

"Our goal is to build on this dynamic and create even more favorable conditions and opportunities for our country's scientists and entrepreneurs to innovate, while ensuring, through the new impact assessment mechanism we will formulate, that R&D spending is returned in benefit and value to the society and the economy of the country," he noted.

"We owe it to ourselves and we will evaluate in depth, with seriousness and attention, the current results and look behind the numbers at all those elements and issues that need improvement to ensure that our course remains on a substantial trajectory of improvement," the Deputy Minister concluded.

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