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15 June, 2024
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Sunny spells and tranquil nights

Clear skies ahead


Get ready for a delightful day as the weather takes center stage. Expect mainly clear skies, with temperatures hitting 21 degrees inland and a balmy 22 degrees on the coast.

Even the higher mountains won't miss out, enjoying a comfortable 13 degrees. As the evening unfolds, the clear conditions persist, with temperatures cooling to around 9 degrees inland, 12 degrees on the coasts, and a crisp 5 degrees in the mountains.

Wind whispers from the northwest to northeast, gently brushing the landscape at 3 Beaufort. The west coast might sway to a southwest to west rhythm in the afternoon, maintaining the same soothing strength. Meanwhile, the southeastern coast experiences a light to occasionally moderate breeze, reaching Beaufort 4.

Sea conditions vary from calm to slightly choppy in the west and north, with a touch of extra chop in the east and local south spots. Temperature-wise, the day sees a rise to 21 degrees inland, 22 degrees on the coast, and 13 degrees in the higher mountains.

As night falls, the weather stays on the clear side. Winds adopt a downslope direction at a light 3 Beaufort, with the sea transitioning to calm or slightly choppy, initially showing a bit of extra chop in the east.

Temperatures gracefully dip to 9 degrees inland, 12 degrees on the southeast, east, and west coasts, and a crisp 5 degrees in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead, Friday and Saturday promise continued clarity, though Saturday may sprinkle in some patchy high clouds. Come Sunday, keep an eye out for increasing clouds in the afternoon, possibly bringing brief isolated rain to northwestern areas.

While temperatures show little change until Saturday, Sunday hints at a slight drop, though still keeping us comfortably above average climatic values. Stay tuned for a weekend of weather wonders!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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