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New York Times accuses Microsoft and OpenAI for copyright infringement

Tech giants allegedly utilized New York Times content without authorization to craft AI services


In a legal move unveiled on Wednesday, The New York Times has initiated legal proceedings against Microsoft and OpenAI, accusing them of copyright infringement in the development of their artificial intelligence products.

The lawsuit contends that both tech giants utilized New York Times content without proper authorization to craft AI services, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot and Microsoft's Copilot.

The newspaper's legal team argues that these AI tools were trained on a vast corpus of Times articles, utilizing the material to generate responses to user queries.

This legal action marks a new chapter in the ongoing clash between technology and media companies concerning the economics of the internet, profits, and associated damages.

The Times notes that despite months of negotiations, no mutually agreeable resolution was reached.

Highlighting the significance of their content, the Times claims to be a major source of information on OpenAI and Microsoft's AI products.

The lawsuit alleges that the AI tools divert digital traffic, diminishing the newspaper's revenue from advertising, licensing, and subscriptions.

Seeking damages and a court order to prevent further use of their content, the Times emphasizes the substantial investment and efforts contributed by thousands of journalists annually, contrasting it with what they view as the defendants' unauthorized and uncompensated use of their work.

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