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Annita Demetriou pays tribute to Jacques Delors

Architect of Modern European Integration, Jacques Delors, passes


In the wake of the passing of former European Commission President Jacques Delors, credited as a visionary behind the modern EU, the European Union grieves the loss of one of its most authentic visionaries and architects of modern European integration, as expressed by Cyprus House President Annita Demetriou.

On platform X, Demetriou eloquently stated, "We honor the memory of Jacques Delors, the iconic figure who shaped the European vision and embodied European integration." She emphasized that "our minimal obligation is to continue his legacy."

Delors, serving from 1985 to 1995, left an indelible mark on the EU's landscape by establishing the single market for seamless movement and laying the groundwork for the euro. Despite accolades, skepticism, notably in the UK, arose, perceiving Delors as a symbol of Brussels interference, as highlighted by The Sun's headline, "Up Yours, Delors."

His legacy, marked by three terms as Commission president and contributions like the Schengen agreement and the Erasmus program, faced clashes with the UK's Conservative Party, particularly under Margaret Thatcher. Despite their contentious relationship, Delors remained committed to his federalist ideals.

As EU leaders, including Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, praise his visionary contributions, the passing of Delors prompts reflection on his warnings against the rise of populism in Europe. In his later years, he urged bold actions in the post-Brexit era, leaving behind a call to safeguard and build upon the European project he so passionately championed.

[With information sourced from CNA and BBC]

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