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Greece named Economist 'Country of the Year 2023'

Prime Minister Mitsotakis acknowledges recognition of Greek people's efforts and ongoing reforms


The Economist magazine has declared Greece the country of the year for 2023, with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a post, referring to the "recognition of the efforts of the Greek people."

The international medium first states that "since we started declaring countries of the year in 2013, we have been seeking to find the place that has improved the most."

In this context, the publication notes that 10 years ago, Greece "was paralyzed by a debt crisis and ridiculed by Wall Street. Incomes had collapsed, the social contract had deteriorated, and extremist parties of the left and right were rampant."

"Today, Greece is far from perfect. A rail accident in February exposed corruption and infrastructure malfunctions, a wiretapping scandal, and the mistreatment of migrants showed that civil liberties can be improved," the Economist says, and continues:

"But after years of painful restructuring, Greece tops our annual ranking of developed-world economies in 2023. Its center-right government was re-elected in June. Its foreign policy is pro-American, pro-European, and cautious towards Russia. Greece shows that from the brink of collapse, it is possible to enact tough, sensible economic reforms, rebuild the social contract, show restrained patriotism—and even win elections. With half the planet set to vote in 2024, Democrats everywhere should focus there," the international medium concludes.

Mitsotakis: The efforts of the Greek people are recognized
Commenting on the article published by the international medium, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wrote in a post on X that it is the "recognition of the efforts of the Greek people, ongoing reforms, and the progress of our country."

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