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How much will Christmas dinner cost this year?

Holiday table costs vary for families in Nicosia, survey finds


The Pancyprian Consumers Association has conducted a comprehensive survey, uncovering the estimated costs of Christmas tables for families in Nicosia. The survey, conducted between December 8 and December 20, includes three categories: a 'rich' table with 35 items, an 'economy' table with 19 items, and a table for lower-income families with 11 items.

According to the survey, a lavish Christmas table with 35 products for a family of four is estimated to cost around 187 euros, while a family of six can expect a total cost of 271 euros. The 'budget' table, including 19 out of 35 items, is estimated at 102 euros for a family of four and 132 euros for a family of six.

The detailed breakdown of products for the 'rich' table includes bread, gingerbread, quesadillas, Christmas cake, chicken, turkey, minced beef, minced pork, steaks, lamb, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, bundle greens, clementines, oranges, apples, wine, beer, zivania, and soft drinks. An additional 5% was added to the total cost for spices, lemons, water, tissues, electricity, and LPG.

The 'economy' table comprises 18 items such as bread, gingerbread, Christmas cake, chicken, turkey, ground pork, pork, lamb/kilo, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, bundle greens, imported apple oranges, imported apples, wine, beer, and soft drinks. Similar to the 'rich' table, an extra 5% was added for supplementary items.

For lower economic incomes, the survey calculated the cost of 11 items, including bread, honeycombs, chicken, pork, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, bundle greens, oranges, beer, and soft drinks. Again, an additional 5% was incorporated into the total cost for various essentials.

The survey recorded notable price fluctuations between December 8 and December 20 for certain products. Tomatoes saw an increase of up to 40 cents, beer rose by 1.21 euros, lamb increased by 1 euro, minced beef rose by 0.61 cents, zivania increased by 1.40, and wine recorded a 1.70-cent increase. On the contrary, the largest decreases were observed for turkey (-1.21) and Cypriot apples (-1.79).

Conducted at the four largest supermarkets and three smaller supermarkets in Nicosia, the survey covered a total of 35 food and drink items. The key data and conclusions include:

1. The total cost of a 'rich' table with 35 items is estimated at 187 euros for a family of four and 271 euros for a family of six.
2. The total cost of an 'economical' table with 19 items is 102 euros for a family of four and 132 euros for a family of six.
3. The total cost of a table for lower-income families, including 11 items, is 25 euros for a family of four and 38 euros for a family of six.

Fluctuations in the number of products during the survey period are detailed in an attached table. Some items covered by the investigation were offered at tender prices, with most offers maintained throughout the investigation period.

The survey anticipates potential variations in vegetable prices leading up to Christmas, although no noticeable variation is expected.

Of particular interest is the cost comparison of Christmas tables across the three categories—'rich,' 'economy,' and 'lower income.' The detailed tables provide insights into how families with weaker economic incomes will cope with their financial difficulties.

Significant price differences were noted between outlets in Christmas food. However, due to variations in materials and weights, the comparison is deemed unreliable and is not commented on in the survey.

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