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29 March, 2023
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Sunshine finally breaks through cloudy skies

Clear skies are expected to hold their ground until Thursday, with temperatures forecasted to continue climbing on Wednesday


Sunshine made its eagerly-awaited comeback on Tuesday, when temperature rose to 20 degrees Celsius inland, 18 degrees across the coasts, and 10 degrees in higher altitudes.

A weak high pressure system began affecting Cyprus on Tuesday, with skies clearing out, though clouds are expected to gather over some areas in the afternoon.

Dry weather will continue all through Tuesday, with temperature expected to fall by nightfall to around 7 degrees Celsius inland, 9 degrees at the coasts, and one degree higher up.

Temperature is expected to continue climbing on Wednesday, particularly inland and in mountain regions, and will surpass average temperatures for the period.

On Thursday, clouds are set to regain their ground across the island, with light isolated rainfall expected south of the island.

Skies on Friday are forecasted to alternate between sunshine and clouds, which may shed some isolated rainfall. Light snow is expected to fall on peaks.

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