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Sunshine, smiles, and soaring temps!

Get ready for a sizzling weekend ahead


As we approach the weekend, a warm air mass accompanied by a light scattering of dust is set to influence the region starting from Saturday, as predicted by the Meteorological Service. For today, Friday (11/8), temperatures are projected to soar to 37 degrees Celsius in the inland areas. Moreover, as the weekend unfolds, temperatures are anticipated to experience a gradual ascent.

The detailed weather forecast for the upcoming days:

Friday, August 11:

Today, expect mostly clear skies with intermittent localized clouds. Initially, winds will show variability and remain light at around 3 Beaufort, transitioning to a gentle southwest to northwest breeze by afternoon, ranging from light to moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions are expected to be slightly rough. Temperature-wise, the mercury will climb to 37 degrees Celsius in the interior, around 31 degrees along the west coast, approximately 33 degrees elsewhere along the coast, and a milder 29 degrees in the elevated mountain regions.

As the evening sets in, the weather is projected to remain predominantly clear, but some localized low clouds and patches of sparse fog may form during the early morning hours. Wind patterns will gradually shift to northwest to northeast directions, while the northern coast might experience southeasterly breezes, all maintaining a light force of 3 Beaufort. Sea conditions will range from rough to slightly rough. Temperatures will ease, reaching around 20 degrees Celsius inland, roughly 22 degrees along the coast, and a cooler 19 degrees in the higher mountainous areas.

Weekend and Monday:

Looking ahead to the weekend and the start of the new week, anticipate mostly clear skies accompanied by warm conditions. Temperatures are expected to experience a progressive climb throughout the weekend and will remain at these elevated levels on Monday. These temperatures are notably above the usual climate averages.

Stay informed and prepared for the weather shifts in the days to come.

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