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Pamborides: ''Mrs. Kanari, you have my support''

The former Health Minister gives his support to Health Minister Popi Kanari amidst the ongoing investigation into the credentials of Director General of the Health Ministry Mrs. Christina Giannakis


George Pamboridis has conveyed a message of encouragement to Health Minister Popi Kanari amidst the turmoil that has unfolded at the Health Ministry, likened to a "civil war," involving her and the Director General, Christina Giannakis. This expression of support was extended through a tweet.

Pamboridis remarked, among other points, on his astonishment at the apparent double standards of those who are hesitant to thoroughly investigate the situation. He also expressed surprise at a government that initially positioned itself as an anti-establishment force, yet seems to have left Minister Kanari to grapple with the predicament on her own, as though she were the root issue. In a show of solidarity, he assured Mrs. Kanari of his backing.

Here is the tweet translated:

"I'm Forced to Break My August Rest to Comment on the Giannakis Matter.
No Surprise in the Swift Rally Around Giannakis, Leaving Kanari to Suffer. Nor Am I Amazed as the System Swallows Kyprianou's @KyprianouAndros Allegation of Fake Diplomas Without a Blink."

It goes on to say:

"However, I am taken aback by the hypocrisy of those who deny a thorough investigation into the matter. I'm surprised that a government that 'came to fight the establishments' left a Minister on her own to handle the crisis as if she's the problem. Ms. Kanari, you have my support."

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