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Surge in fraudulent accommodation scams targets holidaymakers

Impersonators dupe travelers with fake bookings

The director of the Electronic Crime Sub-Directorate, Andreas Anastasiades, has issued a warning about a surge in fraudulent activities where criminals are posing as tenants or owners of houses, apartments, and hotels. Speaking on ANT1's "Mera Mesimeri" show, Anastasiades highlighted the alarming rise in cases where these fraudsters exploit the internet to deceive unsuspecting citizens.

These criminals lure people in by advertising specific accommodations at remarkably low prices for summer holidays. However, once the victims make online payments and arrive at their holiday destinations, they are shocked to discover that the accommodations do not actually exist.

Anastasiades emphasized that this type of crime was prevalent in previous years during the same period, and unfortunately, it is making a comeback this year. The fraudsters employ tactics such as presenting luxury hotels, houses, and apartments at unbelievably discounted prices, creating a sense of urgency for individuals to book quickly. Tragically, those who fall into the trap realize too late that the accommodations they had paid for are mere illusions.

Given the gravity of the situation, Anastasiades urged citizens to exercise extreme caution. He advised people to thoroughly verify the authenticity of the individuals claiming to be tenants or property owners, as well as the legitimacy of the accommodations being offered. To minimize the risk, he recommended making payments through bank accounts instead of relying on personal arrangements such as using platforms like Revolut.

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